5ENNA; Honda NSX | 4K

The perfect homage to a legend; Ayrton Senna. Many people don't know, but by chance, Senna, was given a drive of the Honda NSX Prototype back in 1989 where he advised Honda engineer's of changes that needed to be made. Honda listened with one of the biggest changes being stiffening the over chassis rigidity by 50%.


Roland has built upon an amazing base and truly made a car that Senna would be proud of.

BR86Z; Turbocharged Toyota 86 | 4K

Nothing has remained standard on this turbocharged Toyota 86 from Garage 88. It's the perfect blend of cosmetics and performance.


Garage 88 is no stranger when it comes to Toyota 86's (FT86, FR-S or BRZ), they were one of the first in Australia to receive a white manual Toyota 86 in 2012 and have not stopped R&D since.

Their current Toyota 86 promotion car is equipped with a complete carbon fibre Varis widebody kit and strapped with a turbo running on E85 to push the stock internals to just under 300rwkw (400HP). Garage 88 has also upgraded the interior, bombarding it with carbon fibre and alacantra.

One of One; Zomaya's Evo IX | 4K

In person Zomaya's EVO IX widebody is not the first thing you notice, what you feel is the car's overall presence on the road. It's not until you look closely that the detail of this build will blow you away.

To keep it subtle, the front and rear bumpers retain a standard look, customised just enough to line up with the wide Do-Luck quarter panels. At the back, the bumper has been sliced and flared out. The rear guards have R34 GT-R Z-Tune over-fenders moulded into them with the front APR fenders sliced to create a unique look exposing the tyres.

The combined collection of otherwise unrelated parts come into one to deliver the ultimate package for this EVO IX. Every aspect has been considered right down to the moulded aviation style fuel filler, AMS carbon fibre roof, perfect wheel fitment with SSR SP1's and even the rear Brembo brake calipers painted to march the Project Mu items up front. It's not just all looks, this EVO IX punches 300kwatw (400HP) on all fours running E85.

White Knight; GT-R R35 | 4K

Plenty of attention to details has been placed on Mark's R35 GT-R. It's not as outrageous as most Nissan GT-R's you see, that wasn't the owners goal. The closer you look at this GT-R, the more you notice and fall deeper in love. running E85.